1. About the use of Cookies

The CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI website and mobile app, etc. run by Wabi Corporation (hereinafter, “the CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI Website”) use Cookies to improve our service and provide you with a better service.

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are a function to store information about the websites you have visited in your device (computer, tablet or smartphone).
Each time you visit a website, a Cookie recognizes your device and stores information about you and your visit on the website.
The information that is stored may include your IP address, device used, click history, etc. (such as the web pages you visited).
Cookies include session Cookies, which are automatically deleted when you close the browser, and persistent Cookies, which are stored in the browser for a predefined period of time.

3. Purpose of use of Cookies

We use Cookies for the following purposes.

To help improve the operation, structure and contents of the CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI Website

To provide and optimize our online and mobile app services

For the development of new services and applications by CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI Group companies

For marketing activities (including personalized advertisements) including the provision of information on various events and promotions

4. Types of Cookies used

Below is a list of the types of Cookies we use.
To delete Cookies, please follow the procedure outlined in “5. Disabling Cookies”.

Analytical Cookies
Analytical Cookies collect information to analyze and gather statistics on how you use the website, such as the page you visited most, the time you visited, etc.
We also conduct user surveys and collect visitor feedback on the website in general or on specific elements of the website.
The information collected will be used to confirm which parts of the website you are interested in, and will help us to improve the quality of the website.
Cookies issued by other companies may be used on our website and services to acquire behavior information and display advertising, etc.

5. Disabling Cookies

You can change your browser settings to prevent Cookies from being enabled or saved at any time.
However, please note that some functions of the CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI Website may not be available or may not work properly if you change your Cookie settings.

6. Revision to this Cookie Policy

Wabi Corporation can change the Cookie Policy, and if there has been any change to this Cookie Policy or the list of Cookies used, then Wabi Corporation will update this Policy and the list accordingly.
And Wabi Corporation will notify you by posting on the CHAKAISEKI AKIYOSHI website or by taking other appropriate methods if there has been a significant change.

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